Introducing HAH: Young Perspectives on The Fascinating Mundane

Millions of online bloggers in and ‘netizens’ on the planet. Here’s one more joining you – my name is Bhavya Shah, and I belong to Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I am completely blind due to incomprehensibly convoluted ophthalmological abnormalities (meaning complex eyesight problems :P), yet lead the ordinary fifteen year old life that anyone would.

Apart from the pleasantries though, you may know me personally, through online forums, mailing lists, social networking platforms, and via the infinite other virtual lands I inhabit. I like messing about with technologies, assistive, mainstream or whatever they may be, from Android to Windows (and its Phone variant) to Linux.

Being an open source enthusiast, I use the NVDA screen reader full-time as a means of accessing my computer which renders on-screen content as synthetic speech, taking in commands I issue as keyboard shortcuts. I enjoy debating, public speaking, playing music on my guitar and flute, singing along and a variety of other commonplace activities.

But how does a blog fit into the picture of a typical Indian teenager? Persons with disabilities are perceived uniquely by the society; inclusive environments and exclusionary attitudes, acceptance and denial, heartwarming encouragement and sympathetic reproach, all lining every corner of their journey in life. I often contemplate of how different an individual I might have been, without the realization of the necessity to display appreciation for diversity, without understanding the values of empathy and compassion, without knowing the individuality of every being.
As I prepare for the inevitable discrimination and misperceptions I must grapple with a few years down the wire in systems of higher education, in institutions of corporate professionals, in walks of life the average non-disabled person might consider beyond the capacity of a disabled individual, I often have thoughts, chains of them, reflections upon the future these present-day observations imply.
Allow me thus to acquaint you with my world – striving, struggling and succeeding (okay, I haven’t succeded in anything particular yet ;P) in this unpredictable journey across dimensions – Hiking Across Horizons!
Stay tuned for overly philosophized musings, techno tips and other absurd ramblings from me at!


Author: Bhavya Shah

I am a 16-year-old techie, quizzer, debater and Potter+Musk-head from Mumbai, India, and I am Passionate about STEM, world politicss, and disability rights. When I am not burdened by school homework (which I never bother doing anyways) nor busy blogging, you might either find me programming in Python, reading a contemporary classic, or aimlessly perusing the Internet. Also, by the way, I forgot to mention something; I can't see a thing, lost all my eyesight by the age of 11, and I'm totally blind. That's me.

2 thoughts on “Introducing HAH: Young Perspectives on The Fascinating Mundane”

    1. As far as I am aware, Orcam is extremely expensive and not readily available in India. So, no, I haven’t tried the Orcam for now. However, should I get the chance to play around with it, I’ll definitely share my experience using it!


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