It’s Me – An Introduction

My name is Bhavya, and I am an ordinary but overambitious, commonplace  but convoluted, regular but  rebellious kid from India. I started rambling on the Internet when I was 11, created this blog when I was 14, shared it with the world when I was 15, and am presently a couple months away from turning 17. Since you have serendipitously chanced upon this minute corner of the World Wide Web, you might as well learn a little bit about the being behind the babbles on this blog, about me. 

I am currently an eleventh grader studying the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science) at junior college. As much as I am passionate about STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), my life would be far from complete without the wide range of other extra-curricular activities I delight myself in. I love speaking – debates or Model UN, extemporaneous or prepared speeches, informal argumentation or public discourse; I enjoy them all. I love reading – researching on Wikipedia or learning about others’ life experiences on blogs, following the daily news or digging an answer to a sudden enquiry in my mind, storybooks or novels; I devour them all. I do love STEM also – solving math problems or playing with code, Beta testing software or offering technical support, taking part in a tech quiz or an international IT challenge; I learn loads from them all.

I do not have a usual temperament. Sometimes, I am taciturn and quiet; contemplative about a certain topic or problem or dilemma, while at other times, I am loquacious and talkative; full of questions and ideas and dreams. Sometimes, I am slothful and laid-back; watching trivial YouTube videos and procrastinating homework, while at other times, I am invigorated and focused; elocuting on stage and studying for the next day’s test. Sometimes, I get annoyed by the things that happen around me which are beyond my control, I get excited about new innovations and advancements that mankind creates, I get forced to reconsider my thoughts, my opinions, my beliefs, myself. 

Life is short and complicated and beautiful, and I intend to make the most of it while I can. I sing a bit and play the flute and guitar a little, but I have yet to explore music as it has evolved, understand the mathematics behind music, and take a stab at playing the many instruments whose mellifluous sounds I can only listen to but not produce today. I dream big and concoct great plans in my head, but I have yet to apply them, actualize them, and create an impact. I picture a utopian world, but I have yet to make any meaningful contribution towards achieving that.

Also, in case you were wondering, I am the blind bloke being referred to. I underwent a bunch of operations in both eyes from the age of 5 to 11, gradually lost all of my vision, and am now totally and irrevocably sightless. In some ways, my disability has become an integral part of who I am, but when it is extrinsic to the subject of a blog post, I might not care to mention it. My visual impairment has shaped me in many ways, but it most certainly does not define me.

Anyways, you can watch me delivering a speech here, participating in a quiz competition here, and a casual interview of mine here. Feel free to read my random ramblings, excerpts from the book that is my life, stuff about assistive technologies, my oratory adventures, and my reflections as a blind kid. In case you have a life experience to share, feedback to provide or suggestions to make, you can connect with me via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, or write to me through the blog’s contact form. Do follow the blog in case you desire to track the journey of this ordinary but overambitious, commonplace  but convoluted, regular but  rebellious kid from India as he continues hiking across horizons!

Author: Bhavya Shah

I am a 16-year-old techie, quizzer, debater and Potter+Musk-head from Mumbai, India, and I am Passionate about STEM, world politicss, and disability rights. When I am not burdened by school homework (which I never bother doing anyways) nor busy blogging, you might either find me programming in Python, reading a contemporary classic, or aimlessly perusing the Internet. Also, by the way, I forgot to mention something; I can't see a thing, lost all my eyesight by the age of 11, and I'm totally blind. That's me.

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    1. As far as I am aware, Orcam is extremely expensive and not readily available in India. So, no, I haven’t tried the Orcam for now. However, should I get the chance to play around with it, I’ll definitely share my experience using it!


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