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This blog seeks to provide insightful information and thought-provoking narratives of ot only important events, but also the more supposedly mundane observations and experiences of life, which, visual impairment makes all the more cherishable and memorable. Apart from personal anecdotes and reminiscences, this blog also hopes to offers clarity and comprehensiveness on widespread yet mostly unfounded notions about assistive technologies used by the blind and visually impaired, with distinctive emphasis to be given to the free and open source NVDA screen reader.
This page will be frequently updated to reflect recent changes, i.e. coverage or postings on a new subject, because with progression of time and regular feedback from readers, this blog aspires to continually expand.
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Diplomacy at Model UN Conferences

Model United Nation conferences are academic stimulations of meets, summits, conferences or formal international congrugations that take place within conventional and specialized committees of the global peace-making body, the United Nations. These competitive conferences aim to foster skills of socialization, alliance-building and public speaking into participants, who usually range from high school to university students, assisting in instilling a sense of awareness of on going international issues, whether political or non-political, urging them to formulate solutions for the same.
Since the author of this blog has participated in several MUN conferences, with many things to remember and take away, and believes that an intense MUNing experience by a delegate that is visually impaired could be an unusual but worthy share, this section of the blog hopes to achieve the following:

  • Explain the functioning of a Model United Nations (often referred to as an MUN) conference
  • Recount experiences of multiple Model UN conferences from a non-visual viewpoint
  • Convince the reader that spontaneous socialization and public speaking are extremely doable activities

NVDA – The Non Visual Computer Access Gamechanger

NVDA is a free and open source screen reading solution for the Microsoft Windows platform. It was originally conceived by an Australian blind programmer called Michael Curran, soon to be joint by a long-time fellow blind friend James Teh.
NVDA holds its distinction and popularity in the Windows screen reading market due to its constantly evolving functionalities and feature sets, despite being a free and open source product, hugely community-driven.
NVDA has made great impacts far and wide – across the lengths and breadths of third world developing countries. It has exceeded a download count of a hundred thousand, and its massive user community continues to proliferate. It is extensible and has support for add-ons, several of official, community-approved ones, being available on the NVDA Community Add-ons Portal. It has been translated into almost fifty languages by the community. It is perhaps the only screen reader having true portability features, allowing it to be carried around on a flashdrive for immediate use on any computer. It is successfully utilized by many blind and vision-impaired people around the world in home, academic, professional and accessibility testing settings. This, and much more exemplifies the progress NVDA has made in these past ten years of its excellent screen reading services. Yet, myths and misconceptions about this software program remain.
The author of this blog is an ardent advocate of open source assistive technology, like NVDA, like ESpeak (now ESpeak-NG), etc. This section of the blog hopes to achieve the following:

    • Demystify popular preconceived notions about the capabilities of NVDA
    • Help users understand unleash the fullest of the potential of NVDA
    • Provide comprehensive information about available material, add-on packages and other tools for NVDA
    • Make an objective comparison between NVDA and its pricey counterparts

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