Two Years Later: Life Update and Why Life Is About Deception

It has been a long time. Much has happened (good things!). I have grown. My writing has changed. My location has too. But I am sure my 16-year-old-self would easily recognize and relate to my 19-year-old self; that is because at the heart of it, I have still remained me.

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What I’ve Been Up To Of Late – Halfway Through 2018

Months have gone by without a post from me. The single source for me to flaunt my affinity for and amity with big words (or bombastic vocabulary as some call them), i.e. this blog, has remained relatively soundless in recent times. The sole platform for me to overthink about otherworldly hypotheses, ramble incoherently on topics that catch my attention momentarily, and sometimes educate about assistive technologies, has remained unusually inactive lately. My go-to place for composing a post or even a poem if only to practise my language has seen me treat it rather negligently this year.
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