What Model United Nations Actually Is

By definition, MUN (short for Model United Nations) is an educationally riveting stimulation of the United Nations – its Security Council and General Assembly committees, affiliated specialized agencies such as the World Health Organisation and the International Atomic Energy Agency, and often like-minded diplomatic forums such as the Indian Parliament, International Criminal Police Organisation and others being featured. Umm, okay, you can’t really call Lok Sabha (the House of People in the Indian Parliament) too diplomatic with its infamous chair-throwing records, but no matter, no matter…
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It’s Me – An Introduction

My name is Bhavya, and I am an ordinary but overambitious, commonplace  but convoluted, regular but  rebellious kid from India. I started rambling on the Internet when I was 11, created this blog when I was 14, shared it with the world when I was 15, and am presently a couple months away from turning 17. Since you have serendipitously chanced upon this minute corner of the World Wide Web, you might as well learn a little bit about the being behind the babbles on this blog, about me. 
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