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To share any random feedback about the blog, request content on a specific topic, or simply get in touch and discuss anything under the sun, feel absolutely free to reach out – I’d love to interact with my readers, other bloggers, and anyone else who deems my incoherent writing worthy of wasting their time.
On Twitter, you can follow my Twitter account (haha, self-centred promotion first), send me a direct message, mention me, or do whatever you wish with me. If the link fails you, my Twitter handle is BhavyaShah125.
I am not actively looking for employment (I’m still a juvenile kid of 16), but I have created a decently comprehensive profile of my own on LinkedIn nonetheless. To know a whole lot more about my past projects, volunteering experiences, interests, and accolades, do check my LinkedIn profile out and shoot me a connection request without any hesitation.
You can find me on Facebook here. Bear in mind though that I am slightly parsimonious in accepting random friend requests on FaceBook, so do send me an introductory message so that I roughly know who you are.
If nothing else, fill the form below to drop me a message.

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