Inclusion, Public Speaking & Alan Turing


Author: Bhavya Shah

I am a 16-year-old techie, quizzer, debater and Potter+Musk-head from Mumbai, India, and I am Passionate about STEM, world politicss, and disability rights. When I am not burdened by school homework (which I never bother doing anyways) nor busy blogging, you might either find me programming in Python, reading a contemporary classic, or aimlessly perusing the Internet. Also, by the way, I forgot to mention something; I can't see a thing, lost all my eyesight by the age of 11, and I'm totally blind. That's me.

4 thoughts on “Inclusion, Public Speaking & Alan Turing”

  1. Awesome Bhavya! Congratulations from all @Vision-Aid! Very impressive speech and loved your choice of hero! Developing the quality of resilience is invaluable to face the inevitable vicissitudes of life…. Especially loved – “Not once did I explicitly mention my blindness to any judge, any organizer, or any fellow participant (although the same was likely worked out by most). Not once did anyone praise me simply because I did something and that something well “inspite of” my visual challenge. For once, a society of sighted strangers greeted me with the equality and inclusion persons with disabilities so feverishly desire rather than playing the game of prejudice or preferentialism. Inclusion can and must be inherent, not externally enforced.”

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